How to sideload VR TeamSpaceTM 
onto your Oculus Quest

Before you start…

Complete the form below and we will send your APK file to sideload onto your Oculus Quest. Your serial number can be found on the inside of the right hand head strap (looking from the rear of the headset). You will need to undo the velcro and extend this fully so you can see the details.

You will need:

  • Your Oculus Quest headset and controllers
  • A PC (this will not work on a Mac)
  • A mobile/tablet with the Oculus app installed connected to your headset
  • The account details for the Oculus account that you used to register your headset
  • A USB A to USB C cable (to connect your PC to the headset)


Register your headset to an organisation on

Go to and sign in with the email and password used when setting up your Oculus Quest headset.

Click the “Create New Organisation” button and enter your organisation name, check the “I understand” checkbox and then click “Submit”.


Enable developer mode

Open the Oculus app on your mobile/tablet making sure that your headset is turned on and on the same Wifi network as your phone/tablet.

Touch the cog icon “Settings” bottom right then touch the headset you wish to use in the list.

Once the headset has connected touch “More Settings”.

Touch “Developer Settings” and then slide the “Developer Mode” toggle so this is on.


Install ADB Drivers

Go to, check the box that you have read the License and Terms of Use, and click the “Download” button.

Save the file to your PC and then unzip to somewhere easy such as your Windows Desktop.

Open the folder created above and then the “usb_driver” folder within this.

Right click on “android_winusb.inf” and choose “Install”. Confirm that you wish to open the file and the Windows verification message, then click the “Install” button.


Enable debugging

Connect your Oculus Quest headset to your PC using a USB C (Quest) to USB A (PC) cable.

Put on your headset, turn it on a dialog box will be shown on the screen.

Check “Always allow from this computer” and select “OK”.


Download and install SideQuest

Remove your headset and download the SideQuest installer to your PC.

Double click the downloaded installer to run.

Once SideQuest is installed double click on its icon to open it.


Install the VR TeamSpace .apk file on your headset

Click on the “Install APK file from folder on computer” icon (highlighted in yellow below)

Choose the .apk file that you have been sent and click the “Open” button.

The notification bar at the bottom of SideQuest will go grreen when the VR TeamSpace app has been installed.


Run VR TeamSpace on your Quest

Unplug the USB cable from your Oculus Quest and put the headset on your head.

Go to your “Library” and then choose “Unknown Sources” from the list on the left.

You will now see the VR TeamSpace app – select it to enter your meeting.