Getting ready for your
VR TeamSpaceTM meeting

Do this now!

Please save all the packaging

Open the outer shipping box carefully and keep all the packing materials as you will need these to send back the headset after your meeting.

Inside you will find the Oculus box containing the headset, 2 hand controllers, a glasses spacer and a couple of spare AA batteries in case you need them for the hand controllers.

Our headsets are fitted with a silicone cover over the eyepiece to make them more comfortable and easier to clean. This is not shown in the video below, but does not affect the functions of the headset (or fitting the glasses spacer if this is required).

Here is a short introductory video. It is best to watch this before turning on your headset for the first time.

Here are diagrams to show the location of various features on the headset and the two hand controllers:

For VR TeamSpace you should remain seated (as you would in a real-world meeting) and the only hand controller buttons that you need are:


  • Trigger – select
  • Oculus button – reset view (remember to hold the button until the on-screen circle completes)
  • Triggers/Grip buttons – also react to your hand gestures when you rest your fingers on them and mirror them in the room

You should read through the health and safety information for the Oculus Quest so you are familiar with this.

Turn on the headset

Sit in the location that you are going to use for your meeting and then turn the headset on. When you turn on the headset for the first time you need to setup the safe boundary and connect the headset to your WiFi network.

To make selections in the Oculus Quest menus use a controller to point at what you wish to select (you will see a ‘laser trail’ and a hotspot) then click the trigger (6 on the diagram above) or ‘A’ button to make your selection.

Follow the instructions in the headset to ‘Confirm the Floor Level’. Then, when asked to ‘Define play area’, select the option at the bottom of the pop-up message “Switch to stationary boundary” and confirm this.

Connect to WiFi and run VR TeamSpace

Now you will see a dark grey menu bar. Point at the WiFi icon and squeeze the trigger to go into WiFi Setup.

Select the WiFi network to use and then select the password box and enter the WiFi password using the pop-up keyboard. Selecting “Connect” when you are ready.

Select “Done” to return to the grey menu bar. Select the icon with a rectangular grid of 9 dots to go to the App Library and then select VR TeamSpace to enter your virtual meeting room.

Put the headset back on charge

Once you have configured your headset turn it off by pressing and holding the power button until the light goes out. Now chargeit using the cable and USB charger supplied so it is ready for your meeting.

Battery life is between 2 and 3 hours so it will also need charging between meetings if you have more than one. It takes around 1 hour 45 minutes to completely recharge the headset from flat.

The controller batteries last for around 5 hours so you should not have to change these, but there are spares in the box if needed.

On the day of your meeting

Getting ready

Check your Internet connection again, tell others nearby that you are going to be in a meeting and close doors if possible to remove as much background sound as you can. Remember that you should sit down for your meeting and that your body movements are mirrored in the VR TeamSpace room.

If you are in the same room as before then the Oculus Quest should just ask you to confirm the Safe boundary already set. If you have changed room (or it thinks that you have), then you will need to setup the safe boundary following the steps above.

If you remove your Oculus headset then after a short time you will disappear from the meeting room. If you put it back on later you will be reconnected automatically. If everyone else has left by this time then you will see an empty room with any presentation material reset to their starting position.

Resetting your position

If you get up and walk about during the meeting you may need to reset your position so you are seated back at the table where you started. To do this press and hold the Oculus button on the right hand controller (no 3 in the diagram above) until the on-screen circle completes.

Returning your headset

Packing up

To pack your headset back in the Oculus box you should remove the glasses spacer (if you fitted this) and put everything back as shown in the photos below. Please leave the batteries in the hand controllers (either the originals or the replacement batteries supplied if you used these). Pay particular attention to how the controllers fit as everything must be placed correctly for the lid to close completely.

1. Place batteries, USB charger and cable, glasses spacer in smaller box

2. Close the small box and insert it and the controllers into the main box

3. Now put in the headset (the silicon eye cover stays on)

4. Finally put on the main box lid (make sure that the padding matches inside)

Please check everything off against the “Returned” section on the packing list and sign and date.

Once the Oculus box is packed and closed place this back in the plain cardboard box it arrived in, place the packing list on top and re-pack with the packing material so everything is secure. Seal the box with parcel tape or similar (not “FRAGILE” tape) ready for the postage label. Please do not mark the box in any way (say with “Fragile” or “Handle with care”) as this will invalidate our transit insurance.

Courier pickup

Box Bear will organise for the headset to be collected from you on a convenient date. We will email you a label which will need to be printed and taped onto the box. Please place this over the shipping label so your address is completely obscured (scribble through your address and any barcodes on the shipping label if necessary) and secure with clear tape.


Thank you